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Throughout my life I have been very crafty and have tried many different crafts as most of us have done.  In Junior High School I made the obligatory outfit in Home Ec class - never wore it, not even once and have never made clothes since other than some flannel pj bottoms but those don’t count. 

My first quilt I actually made when I was 12 with the help of my sister, Karen for her first child, Lisa I coloured all of the Mickey Mouse blocks with my liquid embroidery set - remember those tubes of ink in every colour under the sun? - I had such fun with them.  I think Karen did most of the sewing but we put it together and now the quilt is used by Lisa’s daughter, Abby.  The quilt is definitely worn and faded and definitely well loved as a quilt should be.

Fast forward many years and I was living in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada.  There the winters are long, dark and cold so I needed something to keep me busy.  A quilt shop opened up and I signed up for a class.  Michael couldn’t believe the price of the gadgets and fabric but I didn’t care as I had always wanted to be a quilt maker.

Once the first class was finished I decided that the little mini Bernina which my mother had given me just wasn’t going to do the job so I bought a Bernina 153.  Michael thought oh just another fad and the machine will sit in the closet after 6 months.  He who has little faith, my husband is now eating his words as I continue to make quilts and have been doing so for the past 8 years. 

Over the years I have taken many classes, acquired a fabric stash that I am not sure I will be able to use in my lifetime and have purchased yet another sewing machine or two.  As well quilting for others and designing patterns has been added to my repertoire.

A passing fad - I don’t think so.

A passion - definitely!!


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